With the new year upon us, we’ve sat back and reflected on some of the events from the past year

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With the new year upon us, we’ve sat back and reflected on some of the events from the past year

Please There is no doubt that 2022 was a busy year, with many challenges and tragedies.​ But there have also been many positive uplifting stories in 2022.​ Here are some (but not all) memorable 2022 events WFMHFX covered.​

01 – Fires and more:​ ​

​ The HRFE have had their hands full this past year with many fires, HAZMAT calls and so much more.​ A challenging and rather unique fire came in the form of a scrapyard fire at a metal yard in Burnside.​ With thick, toxic smoke visible for miles, the fire prompted air quality warnings and water control via Halifax Water to prevent toxic waters from entering the surrounding areas.​ ​

​ Many fatal fires, such as the one in Williamswood, left communities heartbroken.​ ​

​ ​Other events, such as a HAZMAT call in Dartmouth after a gas pipe ruptured at a construction site, forced precautionary evacuations of several neighbourhoods while the problem was being dealt with.​ ​

​ ​Vehicle accidents, medical calls, and more kept the HRFE crews busy throughout the year.

02 – Return of the Entertainment:​ ​

​ For years, COVID restrictions either shut down or drastically restricted public events.​ However, 2022 saw the return of many events without COVID restrictions.​ Without these limitations, we saw the return of parades, the buskers, Hal-Con, concerts, and festivals.​ Even Halloween returned to its former glory to the delight of many.​ WFMHFX was eager to attend these events and showcase them.​ We look forward to more in the new year including the upcoming Dartmouth Ice Festival.


About Lumen Lux

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About Luminosity Circus (Mizz Anthrope)

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Laura Selenzi of  Serpentine Studios tells us why she’s eager to entertain as part of fire and light dancers

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03 – It was too big to ignore.​

COVID protocol took it’s toll on many, and rallies and protests on both sides were not uncommon.​ The “Freedom Truck Convoy” made a giant impact on Canadians and was covered by news sources all over the world.​ Whether you were for it or against it, there was no escape.​ With convoys held locally as well as the large amount of Nova Scotia trucks that rolled to Ottawa, these events were widespread and even inspired other convoys across the globe.​ We were there for several convoys and convoy protests.​ It was a unique situation for a unique time in history.

04 – Helping others:​ ​

​ Many fundraisers welcomed the return of public interactions again this year.​ The Hope for Wildlife Open House returned without restrictions.​ Many who had missed the event were able to once again interact with the wonderful rescue and sanctuary for the animals of Nova Scotia.​ ​

​ ​The United Way harbour swim had full participation and fanfare along the Halifax waterfront.​ ​

​ ​This holiday season, toy drives such as the Q104 / Professional Firefighters Toy Drive and HRP CopShop operated at full steam.​ ​

​ Many other fundraisers were back in swing and WFMHFX had the pleasure to attend many of them.

05 – Shootings, stabbings and homicides:​

Big city problems continued throughout the year with violent crimes and homicides.​ A notable homicide that drew attention far and wide was the stabbing death of local battle rapper Pat Stay of Halifax. Stay’s untimely death drew sympathy from citizens and celebrities such as Eminem as the sad news spread quickly.  And the murder of 8 year old Lee’Marion Shancez Cain was added to a reward program via the justice system.  The youth was shot and killed while in a vehicle in December 2021.

06 – Lest we Forget:​ ​

​ ​The return of full capacity public gatherings meant that memorials were able to be attended.​ The 105th​ anniversary of the Halifax Explosion included the HRFE memorial for the fallen firefighters lost during the explosion. Families of the fallen were able to share their stories together once again. Remembrance Day events were well attended, as well as the Fallen Peace Officer memorial held In Halifax.​ These public memorials are so important to so many.

07 – The high price of living:​

2022 has seen some incredible financial challenges as gas prices and the cost of living soared.​ Many struggled, and the sad rise of tent and temporary homeless shelters rocketed within the HRM.​ ​

​ ​HRM ordered police to assist in the removal of the camps on Spring Garden Road, leading to a dangerous conflict between the public and HRP.​ Those affected and thier advocates protested by fighting HRP officers in an effort to stop the removal of the camps.​ Over time, the HRM has designated areas within the city for the homeless to reside in temporary shelters built by the city and non-profit organizations, and tents continue to pop up.​ Affordable housing remains out of reach for hundreds of citizens.​ Prices remain high and families struggle to afford groceries and pay bills while also dealing with rising rent costs throughout the city.

08 – Brrrr!​ This one caught us by surprise.

WFMHFX took interest in the growing trend of cold water therapy.​ Meeting up with Jule of Cold Play NS, we have checked out cold dips in 2022 that left us shivering.​ Cold water therapy, if done properly, is said to have a healing affect, both physically and mentally.​ Cold Play NS aims to bring cold water immersion to those who are interested and those who are experienced for fun and laughs as they freeze away stiff joints, improve thier mental health, and more.​ We will continue to keep an eye on this group as the weather gets colder.​


We spoke to Jule about Cold Play NS about what it’s about and why it’s good for you!

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We spoke to Jule about Cold Play NS about what it’s about and why it’s good for you!

09 – Environment and Weather:​ ​

​ ​No one can forget Hurricane Fiona. The storm hit the maritimes hard, leaving behind significant damage and power outages.​ Some had to evacuate their buildings due to significant structural damage.​ Insurance companies were left with massive bills from property damage.​ There were many other weather events that left a mark, including long dry spells where rain was much needed and just didn’t come. Extreme heat in many regions caused problems for agriculture.​ ​

​ ​There were protests for environmental issues, including the widely followed Eisner Cove wetlands destruction.​ Pushing for attainable housing to be built in an area many fought to protect, celebrity Elliott Page was seen in attendance as machines roared to life to remove trees.​ ​

​ ​Another issue, although smaller in scale but just as important for many, was the destruction of a turtle nesting ground at Russel Lake for a path extension.​ Attempts were made for an optional location for the path head to be negotiated between the city, concerned citizens and members of the Nova Scotia Turtle Patrol, but then the city resumed their original plan for construction.​ The nesting site for an at risk species, painted turtles, was completely destroyed.​ ​

​ These issues and many more rolled through the province as climate change, housing, and environmental well being clashed.​ ​

​ ​The NS Government were unable to stop rising rates for electricity despite the profits reported by NSP.​ Alternatives like solar power became a heated topic for the public and the corporation.

10 – Take a walk on the wild side!​

It goes without saying that photos of wildlife have become a constant theme with WFMHFX.​ What started as a love and interest for our wonderful wildlife and photography spread onto our social media presence.​ Fun facts and nature stories even captured the odd far away visitor like the beautiful Mandarin duck. The now daily posts, many times big eyed white tailed deer, will happily continue well into the years to come and we certainly hope they continue to bring a smile.

****​ HONOURABLE MENTION:​ Missing Youth – Devon Marsman:​ Although WFMHFX has not directly been involved in events concerning Marsman’s disappearance, we have tried to do our part to keep this case in the public eye.​ The investigation into the whereabouts of this young man continues. Community support is growing as people help by organizing and participating in community searches and spreading the word in hopes of finding answers and closure.


(Police) Police continue to investigate the disappearance of Devon Sinclair Marsman

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This has been a heck of a year and we thank you all for following us as we worked hard to keep you all posted, for the best and worst, through our little company.​ We really appreciate you paying attention and we look forward to continuing our work for years to come.​ We wish you all a safe and happy new year.

As mentioned, 2022 has seen more events than we could list here! What stands out in your memory from the past year?​ Share your memories of 2022 with us in the comments below.

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