(Update) Kentville Police warn of suspicious candy given out at Halloween

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**** Kentville Police Release

***UPDATE*** The suspicious candy incident has been resolved, there is no concern for public safety.

The smarties were used in a pumpkin as a prop, when it started to rain the child wrapped them in cellophane and placed them in the pumpkin for later. While they were gone trick or treating, they were picked up by another child who thought they were out for the other kids to have. This was confirmed with our complainant and the Police have no concerns.

Thanks for your assistance.


The Kentville Police has had a small box of candy turned in by a concerned parent. It was in a small Smarties box. The individual candies were taken out and wrapped in cellophane and the box was resealed with tape. All the candies were brown and not multi-colored.


It appeared that the color was dissolved off the individual candies before being wrapped. This candy was not consumed by a child, but noticed by a parent and then turned over to the police. It was received by the child on Halloween evening who was trick or treating in the following areas: lower part of Prospect Avenue, Highland Avenue, Forest Hill, and Crescent Avenue, Chester Avenue, Klondyke Street, MacDonald Avenue, Maple Place area of Kentville.

As a precaution, Health Canada will be contacted to determine if an analysis can be done.

The Kentville Police Service asks that all parents check their child’s Halloween candy before consumption and if there are any concerns about the integrity of the product.

If you passed out Smarties in the above-mentioned areas on Halloween night and you can assist us in confirming the contents, please contact the Kentville Police.



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