Halifax SAR: Don’t do this!

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**** Info via Halifax SAR

Every once in a while we see trends going around social media that we need to address.

The latest is the idea about changing your voicemail if you’re lost. First off, you cannot change your voice mail when you don’t have a cellular signal. If your battery is low, and you are lost or need rescue, DIAL 911 and tell dispatchers where you are. This call will initiate the process to dispatch Police and #GSAR.

To be blunt. Wasting time changing your voicemail could be the last thing you do. If you don’t call for help, and you didn’t leave a trip plan, NOBODY IS COMING TO GET YOU.

Conserve your cell battery. If your battery is low, remember that text messages take far less battery to transmit. Halifax Search and Rescue may attempt to connect with you via text if we know your battery is low. Stay off your phone except to speak with Police. Don’t call your friends and family while you’re waiting for rescue.

Trip plan. Train. Take the essentials. Be BC AdventureSmart.

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