Amendments to Motor Vehicle Act

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Amendments to Motor Vehicle Act
Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act concerning impaired driving, bicycle traffic lights and muffler noise will help improve road safety for all users.

Changes introduced today, October 22, will allow municipalities and the Province to install traffic control signals for bicycles and authorize municipalities to create bylaws for muffler noise. The changes will also confirm that police officers have the authority to issue a 90-day suspension to anyone who fails or refuses to comply with a demand to take a test related to impairment.

“We want to ensure that our roads are safe for all users,” said Public Works Minister Kim Masland. “Today’s changes enabling the installation of bicycle traffic signals will improve bicycle infrastructure and help municipalities enhance their cycling networks. As well, municipalities will now have the authority to address the common concern of muffler noise.”

Quick Facts:
— Nova Scotia’s Motor Vehicle Act is outdated and being replaced with a new, modern Traffic Safety Act that will help make the province’s roads and highways safer
— the Traffic Safety Act is expected to take three to four years to be proclaimed
— before the Traffic Safety Act is proclaimed, time-sensitive amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act will allow projects and initiatives important to key stakeholders to move forward

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1 thought on “Amendments to Motor Vehicle Act

  1. The loud exhaust is the most ridiculous bylaw considering you can’t hear an electric vehicle approaching us. More people will be hurt or killed by an electric car than any sports car with a loud muffler. It’s crazy where the taxpayer’s money is going. Let the police officers deal with what they need to deal with instead of a stupid noise bylaw. They need to deal with gang activity and people that are dangerous to the community. Does this mean you are going to ticket most of the Harley Motorcycles in the city? There are probably people on those bikes I wouldn’t ticket. Also, the new electric scooter how many people have been hit on the sidewalk or anywhere else with those flying around. Shouldn’t you deal with real issues here and use the taxpayers money properly.

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