OCEARCH Expedition Nova Scotia 2021

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Expedition Nova Scotia 2021

OCEARCH returns to Atlantic Canada for the 4th year to embark on our 42nd Ocean Research Expedition in the waters off of Nova Scotia. After tagging 73 total white sharks in their Northwest Atlantic White Shark study, 26 of which were tagged off of Nova Scotia, OCEARCH has helped unveil this region as a vital hotspot for the Northwest Atlantic white shark.​​

Alongside 42 collaborators from 29 organizations, Expedition Nova Scotia 2021 will increase our study’s sample size and collect data for 24 different science projects which will help form a complete picture of the life and health of the white shark in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. OCEARCH’s Northwest Atlantic White Shark Study is the most comprehensive study of white sharks in the world and includes:
• Full health assessments of each shark
• Microbiological Studies
• Microplastic-associated toxin exposure
• Movement, Temperature, and Depth Studies through the use of 3 different tags
• And More.

Expedition Nova Scotia 2021 takes place from September 7 – 30 and will help expand our knowledge on the white sharks that spend their Summer and Fall in Canadian waters.This information will then be used to help guide responsible public safety efforts.

Explore alongside us in real time @OCEARCH.

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