Allan-Oak Local Street Bikeway project

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Allan-Oak Local Street Bikeway project

​ The Halifax Regional Municipality is advising residents of a number of changes to the intersection of Allan, Oak and Oxford streets, as part of the Allan-Oak Local Street Bikeway project.

A new pedestrian half-signal has been added to this intersection.​ As a result, the following traffic changes are in effect:

  • Push buttons for cyclists have been added to help provide a safer and more efficient cyclist crossing of Oxford Street at heavy traffic times.​ Pushing this button is optional for cyclists, who must otherwise stop at the stop sign and then proceed across using a safe gap in traffic.

  • A new crosswalk has been installed across the south side of the intersection for those walking and rolling.

  • Vehicles approaching Oxford Street, on both Allan and Oak streets, can no longer drive straight through the intersection. Instead, they must turn left or right.

These changes aim to improve the comfort, safety, and convenience of those walking, rolling and cycling along the Allan-Oak corridor.

The Allan-Oak Local Street Bikeway project was approved by Halifax Regional Council in May 2018 as part of the Regional All-Ages-and-Abilities Cycling Networking, outlined in the Integrated Mobility Plan.

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