(Update) Nova Scotia Health is aware of the potential for protests at our facilities and will have added security on site

The Covid Chronicle

**** NSHA Media Release

Nova Scotia Health is aware of the potential for protests at our facilities and will have added security on site for the safety of our patients, staff, physicians and volunteers.

We expect that anyone attending a protest will allow our patients and families access to care, and allow our staff and physicians free and clear access to work.

It is disappointing and disheartening to know this may happen, given the hard work of health care workers over last year and a half.

Protesting at hospitals will further contribute to the stress and fatigue of our teams and we respectfully ask that protestors reconsider or choose a more appropriate location.


**** NSNU Release

The Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union and Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions do not endorse the “Canadian Frontline Nurses” group and events.

It has come to our attention that the group “Canadian Frontline Nurses” is planning another protest for what they call a “national health freedom movement” today at the QEII Health Sciences Centre, as well as hospitals and other locations across the country. This group has drawn in anti-science, anti-mask, anti-vaccine and anti-public health followers whose beliefs align with theirs.

NSNU is NOT part of this group, nor do we endorse it. Please do not get this protest confused with the Day of Action on the nursing crisis that the CFNU and Canada’s nurses are partaking in on September 17th ahead of the federal election.

Throughout the pandemic, NSNU has stood on the side of science. We have advocated for evidence-based public health measures to stem the spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, masking and vaccination.

While it is unfortunate that this group is taking attention away from the important vaccination efforts happening across the province and country, the vast majority of nurses know the devastating effects of COVID-19 and understand that the only way out of this pandemic is through social distancing, masking, good hand hygiene, vaccination and following science-based public health directives.

The public should rest assured that the vast majority of Nova Scotia’s nurses are united in their commitment to operate from a stringent code of ethics, and they are duty-bound to use science, evidence, and facts in providing the care they deliver to their patients, clients and residents. This scientific approach is a fundamental ideology of modern nursing and we will always stand by it.


**** HEALTH/WELLNESS Media Release

The following is a statement from Health and Wellness Minister Michelle Thompson
I am aware of the protests expected to take place at hospitals today, here and across the country. Hospitals are not the place for anti-vaccination protests.

Our physicians, nurses and health-care staff have worked throughout the pandemic to care for our loved ones and protect our communities. They all deserve to come to work safely and without harassment. Those choosing to protest outside hospitals are putting at risk the delivery of health care to the people who need it.

Peaceful protest is, of course, a right, but it should be done at an appropriate location, not at our health-care facilities.

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