Back to school safety: Police remind motorists to drive with caution

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Back to school safety: Police remind motorists to drive with caution

With the start of the new school year, police ask that you do your part to keep streets safe for students as they head back to the classroom.

Thousands of students will be returning to school and many will be busing, walking and riding their bikes to get there. With more people and vehicles on our roadways, motorists are asked to drive with caution and allow for additional time when travelling before, during and after school.

Keep in mind that the speed limit in school zones is reduced to 30 km/h in areas where the approaching limit is 50 km/h, when children are present. Where the approaching speed limit is higher than 50 km/h, drivers are required to reduce speed to a maximum of 50 km/h when children are present. By reducing your speed, you’ll have more time to react to the unexpected and avoid an incident. Slower is safer, as children are sometimes distracted and do not always notice oncoming traffic.

Remember that passing school buses in either direction when the red lights are flashing, regardless of the number of lanes of traffic, not only puts people in danger, but is illegal and carries substantial fines. Motorists must also slow down approaching a school bus with flashing amber lights and prepare to stop.

Please avoid shortcutting in and around school areas if possible. Obey posted signs as well as crossing guards’ directions, watch out for children crossing the street and remember that crosswalks are not always marked. Essentially, every intersection is a crosswalk, whether marked or unmarked.

Our officers will be paying extra attention in school zones throughout the month of September to educate motorists, enforce motor vehicle regulations and ensure a safe start to the school year.

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