Assisted parking for patients begins Sept. 7 at VG site

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Assisted parking for patients begins Sept. 7 at VG site
Partners for Care and its parking partner Indigo Park will launch an assisted parking program at the Victoria General campus of the QEII Health Sciences Centre on Tuesday, Sept. 7.​ ​ ​
This program will increase the availability of on-site parking for patients and visitors, thereby reducing the number of late or missed appointments, and reducing the stress patients may currently face in finding parking.​ ​
How it works:​ ​
The new system will deliberately double-park cars in two designated areas (see accompanying map) at the Victoria General campus, and by doing so provide up to 45 additional spaces for patients and visitors.​ ​
The designated areas will be staffed with specially trained Indigo customer service representatives Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This initiative will not be available during off-peak hours when parking demand can be met.
To access the service, drivers will approach one of the two designated areas once they are in the parking lot. They will then be greeted by Indigo staff at clearly identified booths. The areas will be marked with signage.
Indigo staff will guide drivers into the designated lot, complete a short vehicle inspection, and then take custody of the owner’s keys while they are inside the hospital.​ As required, vehicles will be moved by Indigo Park staff to allow the safe exiting of other vehicles.
This service will be provided at no extra charge.​ ​
Additional infectious disease precautions will be in place to ensure the safe transfer of vehicles and keys, including the use of steering wheel covers, sanitation of keys, and following all Nova Scotia Health safety rules.
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