Today marks 100 days of hard work, hope, and most of all… love


**** NS SPCA Release

Just after 5:30pm on April 12th we finished bringing in 77 highly undersocialized dogs and pups.  Today marks 100 days of hard work, hope, and most of all… love.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers have poured everything into these dogs.  While working one-on-one, it is hard not to get attached.

So, when we hear happy updates from families, our hearts swell.

Cliff, one of the dogs, was adopted into a loving home. His furever family shared:

“First 2 weeks with Cliff! I know you must miss him very much but we are so grateful to have him as part of our family. Cliff has the most gentle soul and sweet demeanor. He is still skittish but is slowly gaining trust. Petting is coming along as well but slow for the men. Julie is at the point of belly rubs! We love him to pieces and couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!”

Another one of the pups, Flo, is settling in with her new family. They shared:

“Watching how Flo and Willie slowly grew a bond has been heartwarming. They started to take notice of each other, then the sniffing began and now they are never too far away from each other. Flo is full of beans and oh boy can she run! She literally flies around the garden – poor Willie can’t keep up. Enjoying this new adventure with Flo. keep up the good work you do.”

10/10 cute! This gives us a fun idea.

Did you adopt your furry friend? ???? Share an adorable picture and your favourite thing about them in the comments below!

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