NS SPCA Adoptable Highlight – Christof

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NS SPCA Adoptable Highlight – Christof

Floofy boi alert!!

Christof is so floofy it is too much too handle. Estimated at 7 years young this big guy is the newest candidate for our Palliative Care program. He was diagnosed as Hyperthyroid and to help keep this under control he does require daily medication. This medication is provided through the Dartmouth SPCA at no cost to the adopter. They just need to provide him with a loving home.

Where Christof has hyperthyroid he does require bloodwork rechecks every 6 months to ensure that the medication is helping to regulate this thyroid levels.

Christof is a very sweet feline who would make an ideal match with most homes with children 10 and older.​

Christof is available for adoption through the Dartmouth SPCA. If interested in adopting this guy please follow this link for the steps: http://www.novascotiaspca.ca/adoptionprocess/

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