Police warns of an email scam targeting businesses

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Police warn of an email scam targeting businesses

Halifax Regional Police is advising  of an email scam targeting businesses.

Last month, investigators with the Financial Crime Unit of the Integrated Criminal Investigation Division investigated an incident where fraudsters emailed the clients of a home improvement contractor and requested that they pay their invoices by way of an e-transfer. The clients e-transferred the funds to the fraudster’s account. The business did not receive the money and the clients were out the funds that had been e-transferred.

What to do if you encounter a fraud:

  • Be vigilant and don’t provide any money or financial or personal information until you have verified the legitimacy of the person or the company they claim to represent. To check the legitimacy, contact the company directly.
  • Check the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for information on current scams.
  • Call police at 902.490.5016 if you’ve lost money or your identity has been compromised as a result of a fraud. You can report a scam where you haven’t been a victim to the​ Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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