Please be kind. We are here to help.

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**** NSHA Media Release

Please be kind. We are here to help.

Every day, Nova Scotia Health team members work to support patients and families. This includes emergency department staff and doctors.

We get it. After a long year dealing with COVID-19, the people of Nova Scotia are tired, frustrated and often scared. Our teams are experiencing this range of emotions too — along with new responsibilities, increased demands and the daily realities of pandemic life.

We are all in this together, but we are aware of too many situations where our staff have been subjected to abusive behavior and language, including personal threats. This is not acceptable.

Our people are the backbone of Nova Scotia Health. They are at the heart of all that we do, and we care about their well-being. We need a healthy workforce to care for Nova Scotians. So we must protect and uphold their right to a safe and healthy workplace.

Please be kind and know that we are here to help but will not respond to behaviours or messages that cross the line into disrespect and/or abuse.

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