NS SPCA Adoptable Highlight – Cliff

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NS SPCA Adoptable Highlight – Cliff

The SPCA is seeking specialized adoption homes that meet strict criteria. The criteria will ensure the dogs best chance of success at long term rehabilitation.

Cliff is a medium to large sized guy. He loves attention and is very treat motivated! Staff have been working tirelessly to teach him “sit” and “down”. He has been able to do a few “downs” for us, but it will take a patient person who has experience training a dog to help him continue on this path. Cliff has never been on a leash until coming to us. This is something we are still slowly working on, and we have been able to successfully take him out on a few harnessed walks with a few of his doggie siblings.​

Cliff is a very loving boy who enjoys ALL the attention he can get from people he knows and trusts. He will even roll over for lots of belly scratches. Cliff is still learning where to use the bathroom, and so having a fenced in yard is mandatory. This is to assist with housetraining as we may still need time with his new person building trust before he will feel comfortable to be leashed and go out for walks.​

With the lack of being exposed to many things at crucial developmental stages our staff feel that a home without children (living there or visiting) is the best placement. They have never had any experiences with children and with the ongoing training needs we feel it best.​

We know that whoever adopts Cliff will be winning the jackpot. He has so much love to give and can’t wait till he has a forever family to reciprocate it.

Cliff is available for adoption from the Dartmouth SPCA branch. Please specify this location when filling out your online adoption application.​ http://www.novascotiaspca.ca/dog-adoption-application/

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