New Glasgow Regional Police warns the public about phone scams requesting personal information

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New Glasgow Regional Police warns the public about phone scams requesting personal information.


New Glasgow Regional Police are warning the public about a few different sophisticated phone scams being reported.

CRA Scam have involved scammers claiming to be from the Canadian Revenue Agency. These scammers tell the person who answers the phone that they owe money to the CRA and if the amount is not paid right away then an arrest warrant will be issued and served by police.
Charges to your credit card scam, involve you receiving a call usually early in the morning from a person who claims to be from a credit card fraud department stating that your credit card has been flagged due to an authorized charge.
SIN Number scam, involves someone calling from 1-800 numbers, local numbers and saying that there are issues with the individual’s Social Insurance Number (SIN). The caller then says the person will be arrested if their personal information is not provided. The callers of these scams say they are calling from a specific federal agency and request the individual’s name, date of birth and SIN.
“Anyone who receives a call asking for personal information or money not to give it out says,” Constable Ken Macdonald. If you get a call from asking for personal information hang up and call your local credit card company, bank or organization to verify.”

If you think you have been targeted in a phone scam, contact police. You can also call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501. For more information about scams call your local police or contact Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s website at

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