Province Supports Municipal Collaboration



Province Supports Municipal Collaboration
Nova Scotians want to live in communities that are vibrant and sustainable, and more collaboration between local governments can help make the places we call home stronger. That is why the province is investing in municipal efforts to work together in new ways more frequently.

The new Municipal Innovation Program is now open to funding applications. The program supports partnerships between municipalities on regional economic development and planning projects.

“Our conversations with local leaders have made it clear that our communities can be more successful if we share our ideas and efforts with our neighbours,” said Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Chuck Porter. “By encouraging this spirit of constant improvement and efficiency, we hope to find original ideas that can inspire others and be applied across the province.”

More than $500,000 is available to support the creation or improvement of regional services, infrastructure, land-use planning and other innovative approaches to shared priorities.

Applications will be accepted until Feb. 5. The program expects to reopen to applications in the spring.

“So much of what we do in our communities transcends boundaries. By working regionally, we can develop innovative projects that as individual municipalities may not have been possible. When we collaborate with the common goal of serving our residents, we ultimately make our communities more efficient and prosperous.”
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ – Emily Lutz, president, Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities

Quick Facts:
​ — this program was created in consultation with Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities and the Association of Municipal Administrators Nova Scotia
— funding is available for 25 to 90 per cent of eligible project costs
— proposals will be evaluated based, in part, on the number of participants and the immediacy of need

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